This is no ordinary museum

Currently, there is no building to visit when you come to see the Museum of the Cosmos, you’re in the museum wherever you are right now! Here you may find the resources you need in order to learn about and experience the world around you in ways you may have never imagined.

Our Mission

We work to both create and curate resources to help others come to better understand and appreciate the world we live in. Through web shows, live demonstrations, classroom presentations, hands-on projects and more, we work in nearly any medium to bring you an educational experience you will find nowhere else.

History of the Museum

The Museum of the Cosmos began simply as my interest in learning about the world; My grandmother had an antique display cabinet that she used to house all sorts of things she found, from miniatures to mineral samples, small works of art and pressed leaves and flowers.

My grandmother also collected books and had arranged a small library on a bookshelf for me that contained texts of all kinds, from children’s books to textbooks and coffee table books about nature and photography.

I spent many summers looking over the things in that cabinet, even adding a few things of my own, and reading with my grandmother. My parents took me fossil hunting and I learned how to be patient, to watch and listen to the world when I wanted to know more about it.

Years later, my grandmother has passed and the cabinet and library are now mine. The sense of curiosity and appreciation of the world that she instilled in me has not waned but instead flourished.

And so, that is why the Museum of the Cosmos exists; I am here to do for you what my grandmother did for me. The museum is your cabinet and library, so that you may come to better understand and appreciate the world we live in as I once did and still do.

-Clayton Jones, curator and creator of the Museum of the Cosmos